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Contain leaks from machinery, drums, tanks, even large trucks. Compliant storage for large fuel tanks up to 1000 gallons. Low profile, 16.5 gallon sump is perfect for containment of 5-gallon pails, batteries, safety cans, dry cleaning waste drums and leaky machine parts. Drum containment solutions allow for the compliant outdoor storage of drums.
Spill Containment Products

Oil Only Pads are engineered to selectively absorb all hydrocarbons such as oil and fuels as well as all other hydrophobic liquids.  Universal Pads are designed to absorb chemicals, acids, oils, fuels, water, blood, caustics and more.  Universal Pads absorb both hydrophilic and hydrophobic liquids. Quality Spill Kits at the Lowest Price Pillows work well for pipeline drips and leaky machinery. Pro Knit Socks absorb faster, and perform with excellent durability.
Absorbents & Spill Kits

Lowest prices you'll find online from a single bale of absorbent pads to 95 gallon universal spill kits
Drain guards prevent oil, sediment, trash, debirs, even microbes from entering strom water systems. Basin Guards prevent silt and any toher debris from entering basins and drains. Curb Guards inserts prevent oil, sediment, drash, and debris from entering curb inlets. Oil and Debris Blockers stop floating debris and oil from leaving the basins below storm drains.
Stormwater Management
Stop debris, sediment, trash, oil and even microbes from entering storm drains, and ultimately our water supplies

UV-resistant Gravel Bags are one of the foundations of erosion control, slowing the velocity of water and stopping erosion. Triangular Silt Dikes dramatically outperform straw wattles and silt fences. Grate Guards can be easily deployed to stop oil, sediment, and debris from entering drains during construction. Grate Guards can be easily deployed to stop oil, sediment, and debris from entering drains during construction.
Construction Compliance & Erosion Control

Including basic BMP solutions such as UV-resistant gravel bags
Drain Seals prevent chemical spills from entering and ruining your plumbing. Easy to clean Post Protectors / Consealers prevent rust and keep your facility looking good. Wall and Corner protectors protect your walls from all to common scuffs and scrateches caused by fork lifts and other machinery. Drain Plugs are used to instantly stop the flow of oil, chemicals, or contaminated waters into your facility's drainage system to protect your plumbing.
Facility Protection & ADA Products

Protect plumbing, walls, and posts

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The Pacific Environmental product line is built around environmental compliance, specifically containing spills and preventing harmful materials from entering drains and sewers. We also offer facility protection products such as post protectors and ADA-compliant pads to assist the blind.

Prevent oil and sediment from contaminating soil, runoff, groundwater, and ultimately our drinking water and food supply.

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You can order online using our online cart system or by requesting a quote. Please note that some items in your cart may require freight service to ship and therefore may incur additional fees. You can also order by phone, Mon-Fri, 8:30-5:30 Pacific at 800-290-3751. See our How to Order section for more information.

Here at Pacific Environmental Inc. we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the right products to get and stay compliant with environmental law. The complicated web of federal, state, and local environmental code can be overwhelming. Our website contains a regulation resource guide for environmental compliance and our sales staff is well versed in the most common environmental regulations you may encounter.

Pacific Environmental is proud to support other small businesses as our distributors.